IDTA Southeast Area meeting

Once September arrives I know that the summer break is over and it’s time to get back to work, not that dancing feels like work.

So on Sunday 2nd I was up very early as I needed to be in Addlestone by 9.30am bright eyed and bushy tailed. As the traffic was kind I was able to grab an egg muffin and a takeaway coffee (in my reusable mug) before going in.

I always enjoy these sessions not only for the dance lectures but also it is a chance to meet up with friends and colleagues. It was especially so this year as I was unable to travel to Southport in July for the annual conference.

The first lecture was rumba. We were taught a super amalgamation of figures and it was great to back on the dance floor again. Next a freestyle lecture; this involved floor work so I enjoyed learning by watching and listening rather than doing. Then musical theatre; a choreographed routine with a circus theme. I was itching to get up but it involved singing and memories of my children shouting “Mum stop!” every time I started to sing at home kept me in my seat. The lecture was excellent however and I’m sure it will help me improve my performance when I am tap dancing, which I do for fun. The final lecture of the morning was ballroom and we all had great fun learning new groups in the waltz and the quickstep especially when we were trying to get our hops, points and chasses in the right order.

Lunch was another opportunity to catch up with people before the business meeting in the afternoon. It was a great day and I am now itching to get started teaching my ballroom, Latin in Line and flex n stretch classes that start next week. In the meantime I am preparing for the new course, Dancing through the Decades which starts in October.


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