Dancing through the Decades

November 13th It’s Saturday Night Fever revisited so come and strut your stuff!

This is a brand new class which started in October  2018. Throughout the twentieth century people were creating new dances to go with the ever changing music scene.

You have probably heard of the Tango, Charleston and Lindy Hop but what about the Slosh, Balling the Jack and the Bus Stop?

During this course you will learn to dance a wide variety of dances that were very popular in ballrooms across the country. Some can be learned in a very short time; others have a wider range of steps and take a little longer but they are all easy to learn, great fun and improve your fitness.

You do not need any special clothes or equipment. You do not need to have a partner. Just bring yourself, a bottle of water and a sense of fun. You will even be able to help plan the programme. We will start with the Twist and the Charleston but the class will decide  which dances to learn next.

This class will have dancing for fun at its heart so sign up now. It is held at Christchurch hall, Seaside Eastbourne BN22 7NN.

You can use the contact page to book your place or contact me on 07778335005.