Opportunities to practice what you have learned

There are lots of social dances held locally. Happy Feet Sussex have Saturday evening dances on October 8, November 12 and December 3 as well as Tuesday evening dances on September 27, November 1, November 29 and December 20. They also have tea dances on October 16, November 20 and December 18.

So come and learn with the Wrightway then go and enjoy yourselves dancing.

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Benefits of Dance

During August I have had time to read more articles of interest and I have come across three,which talk about the benefits of dancing. One article stated that, not only did dancing keep dementia at bay, but also helped slow the progression of Parkinson’s. A second stated that a german neuroscientist, Dr Christensen, claims that… Continue reading Benefits of Dance

Classes for September 2022

Class Day Time Venue Latin in Line Wednesday 10am St Peter’s Community Centre Sequence Wednesday 5.30pm Christchurch hall Seaside Ballroom Improvement Wednesday 6.30pm Christchurch hall Seaside Ballroom Absolute Beginners Tuesday TBC Christchurch hall Seaside

Dancing keeps you perky

A recent study shows that dancing may help older women to remain living independently. It found that older women were 73% less likely to need help with routine tasks like bathing, dressing and eating. Experts believe dancing makes daily life easier for older people by improving their sense of balance and thinking skills. Tokyo metropolitan… Continue reading Dancing keeps you perky


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